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Population of rural and urban areas by sex at the beginning of year 1935 - 2023

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Due to the fact that slightly changed boundaries were drawn between Aizkraukle parish and Aizkraukle, Tīnūži parish and Ikšķile, as well as Salaspils parish and Salaspils, population of the respective territories at the beginning of 2018 is recalculated. Metadata Until 2019 data were published by the actual place of residence, but since 2020 – by the registered place of residence. Territorial division in 2022 after the administrative-territorial reform on 01.07.2021 (new towns Koknese and Iecava).

Territorial division from 2023 after administrative-territorial reform 01.07.2022 (new towns Ādaži, Ķekava, Mārupe).

Time period


Population Census data on 12.02.1935. (according to present territory of Latvia).


Population Census data on 15.01.1959.


Population Census data on 15.01.1970.


Population Census data on 17.01.1979.


Population Census data on 12.01.1989.


Population and Housing Census data on 31.03.2000.