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Number and share of Latvians in total population of Latvia and Riga at the beginning of year 1920 - 2023

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In the 3rd quarter of 2016, when implementing project Data Collection for Sub-National Statistics (Mainly Cities), the existing algorithm used for the calculation of population territorial distribution - place of usual residence - was revised. The algorithm was improved, ensuring more precise population estimates in parishes, counties, cities and regions. The indicators on the beginning of 2016 were recalculated in line with the new algorithm. Data for 1935 are given according to present territory of Latvia. Data for 1959 and 1970 refer to the present population, whereas data for other years refer to the resident population. The year 1920, 1925, 1930, 1935, 1959, 1970, 1979, 1989 and 2000: Population Census data. Metadata Until 2019 data were published by the actual place of residence, but since 2020 – by the registered place of residence. Until 2019 the shares were adjusted so that their total would comprise 100 %. Since 2020 in some cases slight discrepancies might appear in rounding of values between the total amount indicated and the total value of addends. ... = Data not available or too uncertain for presentation

Indicator: Number of population , Time period: 1920

Population Census data on 14.06.1920.

Indicator: Number of population , Time period: 1925

Population Census data on 10.02.1925.

Indicator: Number of population , Time period: 1930

Population Census data on 11.02.1930.

Indicator: Number of population , Time period: 1935

Population Census data on 12.02.1935. (according to present territory of Latvia).

Indicator: Number of population , Time period: 1959

Population Census data on 15.01.1959.

Indicator: Number of population , Time period: 1970

Population Census data on 15.01.1970.