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Population by ethnicity in regions, cities, municipalities, towns, neighbourhoods and densely populated areas at the beginning of year – Ethnicity, Territorial unit and Time period

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Territorial unit

LV0380258 ..Kubuli rural territory

Kubuļi rural territory until 04.11.2011.

LV0960200 Kocēni municipality

Valmiera municipality until 14.02.2010.

LV0546778 ..Salgale rural territory

Sidrabene rural territory until 04.11.2011.

LV0801211 ..Salaspils

City rights granted in 1993.

LVDPA1305 Bajāri (Salaspils parish)

Bajāri until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0424 Baltezers

Baltezers (Ādaži rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1132 Baltmuiža

Baltmuiža (Eglaine rural territory) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0460 Bērzpils

Bērzpils (Bērzpils rural territory) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0545 Burtnieki

Burtnieki until 01.01.2019

LVDPA1232 Cekule (Stopiņi municipality)

Cekule until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0861 Dzintari

Dzintaru A until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0905 Garkalne (Ādaži municipality)

Garkalne (Ādaži rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0108 Garkalne (Garkalne municipality)

Garkalne (Garkalne rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0679 Garoza (Salgale parish)

Garoza (Sidrabene rural territory) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0411 Gauja (Inčukalns parish)

Gauja until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0104 Jaunciems

Jaunciems (Rīga) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1052 Jeri

Jeri (Jeri rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1091 Kūdra (Sala rural territory, Babīte municipality)

Kūdra (Sala rural territory, Babīte municipality) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA1091 Kūdra (Sala rural territory, Babīte municipality)

Kūdra (Sala rural territory, Rīga district) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1387 Ķieģeļceplis

Ķieģeļceplis (Suntaži rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0413 Lauktehnika

Lauktehnika (Tukums) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0590 Lipuški

Lipuški (Mākoņkalns rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1257 Līči (Skrīveri municipality)

Līči (Skrīveri rural territorys) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0742 Līči (Stopiņi municipality)

Līči (Stopiņi rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0040 Malta

Malta (Malta rural territory) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0957 Mācītājmuiža

Mācītājmuiža (Lībagi rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1019 Mēmele

Mēmele (Skaistkalne rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0952 Misa (Vecumnieki parish)

Misa until 01.01.2019

LVDPA1054 Mucenieki

Mucenieki (Ropaži rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0948 Pilskalne (Pilskalne rural territory, Ilūkste municipality)

Pilskalne (Pilskalne rural territory, Daugavpils district) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0488 Pilskalne (Pilskalne rural territory, Nereta municipality)

Pilskalne (Pilskalne rural territory, Aizkraukle district) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0653 Priedes (Sabile)

Priedes (Abava rural territory) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA1226 Putni (Skaistkalne parish)

Putni until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0651 Ratnieki

Ratnieki (Čornaja rural territory) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA1231 Rauda

Rauda (Smārde rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0191 Rubeņi (Rubene parish)

Rubeņi (Rubene rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0571 Rude (Roja municipality)

Rude (Roja rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1363 Salenieki (Aglona parish)

Salenieki until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0393 Sauleskalns (Bērzaune parish)

Sauleskalns until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0210 Spāre (Ģibuļi parish)

Spāre until 01.01.2019

LVDPA1154 Sunīši (Krimulda parish)

Sunīši until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1394 Šalkas

Šalkas (Plāņi rural territory) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0547 Šķēde (Šķēde parish)

Šķēde until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1344 Vārpu DR

Vārpu DR until 01.01.2019

LVDPA1474 Vecumi (Indrāni parish)

Vecumi (Indrāni rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0070 Vecumnieki

Vecumnieki (Vecumnieki rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1446 Virši (Gailīši parish)

Virši until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0177 Višķi

Višķi (Višķi rural territory) until 01.03.2011

LVDPA0493 Zeltiņi (Bilska parish)

Zeltiņi until 01.03.2011

LVDPA1341 Zeltiņi (Salaspils parish)

Zeltiņi (Salaspils) until 01.01.2019

LVDPA0835 Zemgale

Zemgale (Glūda rural territory) until 01.03.2011